Claim your space in the Metaverse.

Give attendees an experience beyond what virtual events can deliver.

Create Real Connections.

Skip virtual fatigue. Connect and share like you’re in person. Generate leads and create a sense of community belonging with live, face-to-face interaction anywhere in the venue:


1-on-1 Video Networking    Private Chat
Group Video Discussions    Group Chats
Exhibitor Demos                  Live Q&A On Stage


Give Attendees Opportunities For Dynamic Engagement And Learning.

Trade show

Give your exhibitors and attendees the virtual trade show they actually want.


Get ready to be celebrated as the one who brought your organization into the future of engagement.


You don’t have to wait to host your creative visions in the Metaverse.


Your team doesn’t want another video conference call.

Kate Patay

Patay Consulting

Natasha Miller

Founder/CEO of Entire Productions

David Merrell

AOO Events

Will Curran

Event Tech Podcast

Karen Dunn

KMD Productions

Ken Washington

Ford CTO

Chris Peacock

Co-Founder Conference Care

Nicole Stegmann

Owner Of Locations Messe

David Lombardo

Lombardo Meetings And Occasions

Rachel Sheerin

Event Tech Podcast

Francesco Deluca

Omega World Travel

Bianca Ferrer

Experience Designer + Creative Director, B&L Creative Group

Israel Schachter

CEO Charity Bids

Mark Lanza


This is one of the coolest platforms that I've come across. I really feel like I'm in the room with everyone. It's by far the best out there.

EXVO is the only platform we have experienced that allows us to be as close to in-person as we can without being in the same room together.

This really parallels real life!

There's no other platform out there or technology that does this the same way. So if you're looking to bring your team closer together or your attendees closer together, EXVO is it.

I think EXVO is the most interactive, fun platform that I've seen in my research over the last year. I recommend it to everyone because it's so different and unique.

I really liked the way that you can join a conversation to talk to one or two more people. The presentation process worked just great. A very innovative way to do a virtual meeting.

You really feel that you're in an event, rather than you're just watching something on a flat-screen. It's great for networking, and for exhibitions and trade shows.

EXVO has not only increased the communication possibilities and interactivity of the event for our exhibitors but also significantly increased the reach and number of participants.

The event was beautifully designed, it was engaging, it was fun, and I really felt like I was at a live event.

The onboarding process and understanding of how back-end tools worked including keynote and MC perspective was super simple and clear.

It is the best virtual event I've ever attended in my entire life. It's just been brilliant.

The immersive experience of EXVO converted me from a skeptic of virtual reality / augmented reality as a tool for business events to a true believer.

We pushed a lot of people beyond their creative limits and to dream big, and we're delighted with the outcome. We have redefined the virtual event space with this event. This was simply a NEXT-LEVEL production for a NEXT-LEVEL cause!

"We still got to do our little schmooze fest before the party and we had a great time at the after party. We received many compliments, people were very impressed and thought it was a really cool event experience."

"The designer is just amazing! Very good quality and taste. This template is incredible beautiful. The overall impression is more than good.The support cannot be better. I wish the team all success!"


The Win/Win Hybrid Event Platform​.

Get intuitive tools to meet your goals. Stakeholders: Gain deeper connection to your brand. Participants: Discover and engage organically.


True 3D virtual environment built for engagement first.


Plan and deliver events easily and economically in one exciting platform.


Hundreds of venues thousands of design elements all brandable.


Decide where to go, who to talk to, and what content is important.


Understand what drives your audience during the event.


Navigate and participate intuitivly throughout the venue.


Interactive capabilities that enable natural conversations and connections.


Get live 24/7 help if you need it.


Brand Your Way, Effortlessly.

Our spaces become uniquely yours to help you tell your brand story.

Powering virtual and hybrid strategies for leading brands